Also see: Burritt  Hevelius  LaCaille  Plancius 

Celestial Maps - Garrett P. Serviss

Source: Astronomy with the Naked Eye, 1908.
Serviss wrote (page xiii), "The charts are reductions from Heis's Atlas Caelestis." (1872)

chart 1L

Chart 1 L

chart 2L

Chart 2 L

chart 3L

Chart 3 L

chart 4L

Chart 4 L

chart 5L

Chart 5 L

chart 6L

Chart 6 L

chart 7L

Chart 7 L

chart 8L

Chart 8 L

chart 9L

Chart 9 L

chart 10L

Chart 10 L

chart 11L

Chart 11 L

chart 12L

Chart 12 L

Southern sky

Southern Sky

chart 1R

Chart 1 R

chart 2R

Chart 2 R  (Top right corner photography error)

chart 3R

Chart 3 R

chart 4R

Chart 4 R

chart 5R

Chart 5 R

chart 6R

Chart 6 R

chart 7R

Chart 7 R

chart 8R

Chart 8 R

chart 9R

Chart 9 R

chart 10R

Chart 10 R

chart 11R

Chart 11 R

chart 12R

Chart 12 R


Moon Map

Also see: Burritt Hevelius LaCaille Plancius