Allerlei - Modern Constellations: Reticulum to Vulpecula

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Reticulum, the Reticule, was published by LaCaille in 1754. It honors the measuring grid inside various optical devices that allows precise measurements.


Scutum, the Shield (of Sobieski), was published by Hevelius in 1684 to honor the Polish King Jan III Sobieski (1629-1696).


Telescopium, the Telescope, was originally published by LaCaille in 1754.


Tucana, the Toucan, was another 1598 constellation from Plancius and Keyser. It honors the South American bird that explorers discovered.


Volans, the Flying Fish, is often depicted as being chased by the constellation Dorado. Volans was a 1598 work of Plancius and Keyser.


Sculptor, the Sculptor, was originally published as the Sculptor's Workshop by LaCaille in 1754.


Sextans,the Sextant, honors the tool used by sailors and explorers. This constellation was published by Hevelius in 1690.

Triangulum Australe

Triangulum Australe, the Southern Triangle, was published in 1598 from the work of Plancius and Keyser.


Vulpecula, the Fox, was created by Hevelius in 1690.

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