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Wombat Signs Near Grand Junction

The word "WOMBAT" is formed by the arrangement of small stones in at least 3 places, within 14 km of Grand Junction. I am guessing that the artifacts are from 40 to 60 years old. I do not have any background on the author. Perhaps a surveyor?

My first find was "WOMBAT" written on a hill, which I now call Wombat Hill. On top of the hill is a circular cairn (used also as a firepit). The word "WOMBAT" is found 8 meters to the west of the cairn and again 8 meters to the south. There is some indication that stones were also arranged 8 meters to the north and to the east but no wording is recognizable at either location.

About 1.7 km northeast of Wombat Hill there is another "WOMBAT" written with stones and a stone arrow which points northwest to a geographic feature.

In the Gunnison Bluffs area, about 4 km north of Wombat Hill, is another artifact.

Someone recently(?) used stone to write the word "TABMOW" in the general area of Wombat Hill. I imagine that it was done as a joke (?).




From Wombat Hill.

Wombat 2 Vicinity

WOMBAT POINTER is 1.7 km northeast of Wombat Hill. 'W' and 'O' in the shade. 'B' is broken - 2013.

Wombat 2 Vicinity

GUNNISON BLUFFS wombat is 4 km north of Wombat Hill.


The west wombat on Wombat Hill as seen in a 2011 Google Earth image.


Petroglyphs along the way to Wombat Hill.

Wombat 2 Vicinity

Wombat Pointer.

Gunnison Bluffs wombat sign (below). Who made these old signs?

Wombat 2

Gunnison Bluffs wombat sign in 2013. This is getting harder and harder to see. In 2016 an ant hill was wiping out the 'O' and the letters on either side.


It's not called Wombat Hill for nothing! 8 meters west of the cairn.


Another wombat claim to this hill. 8 meters south of the cairn.

Wombat 2

TABMOW (reversed WOMBAT) found in 2013

Wombat 2

Wombat found in 2016. It is a few hundred meters south of the Wombat Pointer.


Grand Mesa

From Wombat Hill - 2007.