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Lake Charles in Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado - July 2004

Charles Mt.

On Charles Mt. - 12050 ft.

Fools Mt.

Fools Mt. from Charles Mt.

Perry primrose.

Perry primrose - East Brush Creek


Camp at Lake Charles looking towards Eagle Mt.

Mystic Island lake.

Mystic Island Lake - east of Lake Charles.

alpine sunflower.

Alpine sunflower, a.k.a. Old Man of the Mountains.

Mystic Island Lake.

North end of Mystic Island Lake.

Fools Mt.


white-tailed ptarmigan.

White-tailed ptarmigan. Chicks were hiding nearby.

Eagle Mt.

Eagle Mt. at east end of Mystic Island Lake. The mountain is just left of the 'twin peaks' ridge&.

30th Anniversary - 2004

Me, my Svea 123 stove (see picture at left), as well as my red Kelty backpack have been hiking together for 30 years. We are all showing a little wear and tear (especially at altitude) but we keep on going!