Allerlei - Poetry, graffiti, prose. #2

Euler's Formula

It seems that if you push physics to the limit you knock on religion's door. I have found that if you push mathematics to the limit you end up knocking on poetry's door! Euler's formula is a phrase used for a variety of equations developed by the Swiss mathematician, Leonhard Euler. One of the most famous is eπi = -1. This poem is about that formula, slightly rewritten as eπi + 1 = 0.

e to the pi(i) power plus one equals zero.

Take a number
with a beginning but no end.
Raised to the power
of another number
with a beginning but no end,
times a number that exists
only in the mind's imagination.
Throw in one for good measure
and what do you get?
Only poets or mathematicians
could dream up a line like that!

Graffiti addition to an open range sign along Highway 50; Nevada 1986.